Looking for Sri Lankan Vanilla? You are in the right place.
We are one of the producers and distributors of Vanilla  in Sri Lanka, priding ourselves in quality, versatility and integrity. We undertake manufacture, distribution and supply of Ceylon Vanilla to all countries of the world. We believe in progressive and sustainable business partnerships that would last for generations, giving optimum profit for investment.


To become the biggest and most reliable Vanilla seller in the South Asian region


Creating a network that brings together the excellence of services of our company in the avenues of manufacture, distribution and supply and the demands of the international and local market, thereby providing a trusted and hassle free solution for export from Sri Lanka, while benefiting the producers, suppliers, employees and our valued customers.


Customer Commitment
We build relationships that make a positive impact on our customers’ lives and initiatives

We provide nothing but the best products and services to our customers


We export Ceylon Vanilla to all countries of the world


Integrity is held in highest standards in all our transactions and dealings

Community Development

We involve members of all walks of the society in our endeavors, building better lives for people of all part of the society


We are accountable of delivering the best materials in town for the best rates

Our Story

Humble beginnings often lead to grand endings. At the onset, we were a young corporation looking to show the world what Sri Lanka has got. We wanted the Sri Lankan identity, global. What started as a closed, tidy export network of strong quality has now grown into a fully fledged exporting company that caters to the growing demand for a range of genuinely Sri Lankan, but distinctly international products.

On our way, we found that while we did what we loved, a huge array of people could benefit from our network, if we could just open avenues up for them. We started involving farmers and producers.

We started small, but today, we have reached the pinnacle of international export from Sri Lanka. We aspire to become the leading brand of manufacture, distribution and export of quality Vanilla and spice products from the island nation. Our time is now!